Every biochemical event in the human body is preceded by an exchange of electrons which occurs at the microscopic level. Peak performance of the human body relies on a coordinated and ordered progression of these microscopic electrical events.

Perform X products incorporate a proprietary patent-pending technology that acts as a bio antenna, altering the way your body interacts with its electromagnetic environment, which may help to balance and optimize biological responses.

In standard strength tests, where significant pressure is applied to the arm or leg of the participant and the participant resists, observed improvements in strength averaged over 20% and in some cases, upto 60%.

In the standard flexibility tests that measure flexibility of the limb in terms of range of motion, participants showed as much as 17% improvement in the same test after wearing Perform X bands!

In a standard test where stability on a foam platform is timed, participants gained an average of over 19% when testing with their eyes open, with improvements of more than two fold. In another test where the participants had their eyes closed, wearing Perform X bands improved their balance by an average of nearly 57%, while some observed twice and even thrice their base scores when not wearing the bands.

I just wanted to thank you for making this wonderful band! I have been wearing it for about a month now, and ever since I put it on, I have been getting the best sleep of my life, haven’t needed coffee at all during the day, and can literally feel the difference! Amazing! Thanks again, this has changed my life!

Holly Gashi, Oswego, IL

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Perform X line of the ultra-fashionable silicone and leather performance wristbands and necklaces are made of high quality silicone, stainless steel and leather and are equipped with holograms engineered with characteristic Perform X frequency, running off RFT (Resonant Frequency Technology). RFT intensifies the bio-frequency of harmful organisms like viruses, bacteria and bad cells and causes them to disintegrate, and optimizes processes at the cell level. This may result in:

  • Stimulation of cell metabolism, increased blood circulation, calming of sympathetic nerves
  • Increased stamina, reduced fatigue, enhanced mood and reduced stress
  • Better flexibility, increased balance and strength, increased focus and mental alertness
  • Neutralizing harmful EMF radiation effects from cellphones and similar electronics.