What is PerformX Band?
The PerformX Band is made of highly mineralized silicon and equipped with holograms that contain frequencies that interact with the bio-electric energy field in both humans and animals at the cellular level.

What Does It Do?
Some of the notable results may include: Increased balance and strength, increased flexibility and range of motion, blocked harmful cellphone radiation, relief of stress and tension, better focus and alertness, promoted sexual health.

What Do PerformX Band Users Say?
Many PerformX Band users experienced increased balance, strength and endurance. Results may vary. Try one now and find out if it will work for you. For the user experiences, please see the testimonials page.

How Long Does It Last?
The holograms are designed to last indefinitely.

Does PerformX Band Work for Everyone?
There is no assurance it works for everyone, however, we have received so many positive feedbacks of the PerformXBands fans from all over the World.

Are There Any Differences Between Different Colors?
No. You can use any colors you like.

Does It Matter Which Wrist I Wear My Wristband On?

What Size Should I Order, and Does The Band Need to be Tight?
Please see our sizes offered on the product page. You can simply measure your wrist and order accordingly. It would be your personal preference if you would like a tight or loose fit.

Do PerformX Bands Get Wet?
Yes, however, the PerformX Bands are safe to use in water and it will not affect the function of the band.

I just wanted to thank you for making this wonderful band! I have been wearing it for about a month now, and ever since I put it on, I have been getting the best sleep of my life, haven’t needed coffee at all during the day, and can literally feel the difference! Amazing! Thanks again, this has changed my life!

Holly Gashi, Oswego, IL

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Perform X line of the ultra-fashionable silicone and leather performance wristbands and necklaces are made of high quality silicone, stainless steel and leather and are equipped with holograms engineered with characteristic Perform X frequency, running off RFT (Resonant Frequency Technology). RFT intensifies the bio-frequency of harmful organisms like viruses, bacteria and bad cells and causes them to disintegrate, and optimizes processes at the cell level. This may result in:

  • Stimulation of cell metabolism, increased blood circulation, calming of sympathetic nerves
  • Increased stamina, reduced fatigue, enhanced mood and reduced stress
  • Better flexibility, increased balance and strength, increased focus and mental alertness
  • Neutralizing harmful EMF radiation effects from cellphones and similar electronics.